2 Venti - 100% Pugnitello.

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Vineyard: “2 Venti”

Italian denomination: IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica, i.e. from a specific Italian area or region)

Blend: 100% Pugnitello

Soil type: sandy loam, that is, a soil with proportions of sand, silt, and clay with a dominance of sand. It is of Pliocene origin. Calcium is consistently present. The vineyard faces South North, 160 m high, 1 ha wide. Despite of the presence of the forest, the terroir is well ventilated.

Vine training: spur training.

Implantation density: 5500 plants per ha.

Harvest: hand harvest, around the second half of September.

Winemaking: spontaneous fermentation with starter in concrete tanks.

Ageing: in French durmast barrels for about 12 months (first passage).

After some time of refinement in bottle, the 2 Venti is ready to be sold.

Sensory perception: deep garnet red colour with violet tints. Flavours of blackberries, currants, bilberries, juniper, licorice, leather, and tobacco. In the mouth, the wine is complex and full body, with notes of black fruits and medical herbs, and a long-lasting, spicy aftertaste.