About us

Our origins

Among the rows of grape vines in the Farm Anima Mundi you will find passion. Passion for good wine and for the natural balance between the earth and the glass.

We have decided to invest in the restoration of the antique varieties of Tuscan vineyards: a complete recovery of the characteristics of the terroir, of production techniques, and of the choice of the best plots of lands.

Why have we done this?

Our aim was to redevelop the entire geographical area, which was only regarded as a place for “farmer’s wines”, and to produce high-quality labels, recovering our traditions and respecting nature.

he bond existing between territory and nature is strong: we have recovered three important autochtonous vineyards – “Pugnitello”, “Foglia Tonda”, and “Colorino” – which not only embody Tuscan history but also generate wines of a unique taste.

We work with biodynamic produce only, following the rhythms of nature and of the seasons; therefore, we have the opportunity to imbue our wines with the quintessence of the terroir, preserving the biodiversity of each vineyard.

We strongly believe that each vineyard owns a peculiar character, deriving from the soil and the climate, and that our wines are their utmost and purest expressions.